1. Initial situation and motivation

In Europe, as in places all over the world, there are people who have to keep a tight budget in order to survive. In such cases there is no money for expensive clothing or other items.

On the other hand, many people own too much stuff and would be happy to give away quality pieces that are still in good condition, to someone who needs them.

The 3 1⁄2 pants store, created by the Oronos® association and the children beyond the world® association, offers a platform to meet those needs. Here clothes, kids toys, books and other things can simply change hands.

2. Project goal

With the 3 1⁄2 pants store, people in need will be able to get quality pieces for a small price.

The generated surplus will flow into other children beyond the world projects that will help to raise the consciousness on earth.

Furthermore, the environmental friendly concept helps to save resources and bring more balance to life.

Another goal is to offer a better future for kids and teens (mostly with affordable items in the stores, but also with other projects that are financed by the stores profit).

In cases of emergency (fires, loss of home, women shelters, people who are in need of support, i.e.) the 3 1⁄2 pants store will help those people in need with donations of goods.

3. Implementation

The 3 1⁄2 pants stores are opened as projects under the Oronos® association (Switzerland) and the children beyond the world® associations (in the rest of Europe), with a non-profit goal serving the public welfare. The stores are self-sustaining. The generated profit finances other Oronos® and children beyond the world® projects.

The 3 1⁄2 pants stores will also be integrated in upcoming peace centres all over the world.

4. Profitability report

So far, 3 1⁄2 pants stores have been opened in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The stores are self-sustaining.

Generous donations of goods come in continuously.

All three countries were already able to help people in emergency situations (for example: a family which lost its home due to fire, people who lost their belongings due to floods in Honduras and Germany, homeless people and people in financial need).

The 3 1⁄2 pants stores are also meeting places, where community and communication are valuable and appreciated.

Financial donations are also accepted by the stores.

5. Outlook

We would like to motivate more volunteers to help out in the stores so that the opening hours can be extended and more income for the non-profit association’s projects can be made.

The opening of a second store in Austria and Switzerland is already in plan.

New stores in many more cities are planned to open in the future.

Our Vision is: 8000 3 1⁄2 pants stores worldwide.