1. Initial situation and motivation

On the 14th and 15th of July 2021, Germany suffered a flood disaster due to torrential rain. The extend of the destruction in the affected areas was immense. In addition the circumstances for aid agencies on site happened to be very difficult. Until help from outside finally came through, the people concerned had to organise themselves in first-aid and clean-up efforts without professional support for a long period of time.

Many families lost their whole basis of existence, with their houses and apartments being completely destroyed. Clips with desperate and traumatised people begging for help went viral in social networks.

We needed to organise a spontaneous relief action. After all, „humanitary help on site in case of catastrophes of all kind“ is the Oronos® associations highest policy.

2. Project goal

Families and other affected people should experience quick and direct support with donations in form of money, clothes, toys and food.

3. Implementation

In cooperation with our partner association children beyond the world® e.V., we organised volunteers who travelled in the distressed area, to personally bring articles from the 3 1⁄2 pants store in Fulda (clothing and children toys and necessities) to organisations on site.

We were able to provide needed food and items for affected families with the financial donations we had collected.

4. Profitability report

We managed to organise donations of goods and money in a very short period of time. We were able to witness how the situation slowly improved beeing there with the victims on the scene.

Many organisation’s and individual’s engagement and readiness to help gave people courage and hope. Some people already found new homes to live in.

5. Outlook

In the past we already managed to organise a few short-term help actions in case of catastrophes in Switzerland and abroad, and we will continue to see this as one of our association’s important mission.

We can therefore use the clothes and items form our 3 1⁄2 pants stores and the „Give warmth“ project. And we will continue to collect financial donations, that we will give directly or indirectly (through aid agencies on site) to the affected people in disaster areas.