The higher your popularity, the more you can have a say in the rules of this world, and the more effective your involvement for a better world. Our aid projects need people speaking with one voice. People who can affect action and who care about the success of a relief project. Popularity has many facets. Some of these facets are complicated. The ability to affect action is one of the best, however. Reaching out to people who would not listen otherwise. To stand up and take action on behalf of those who are unable to speak for themselves or those without opportunity. We are facing tremendous challenges! Animals, plants, and people; the earth, human interaction, happiness, freedom, peace – there are so many permanent values worthwhile supporting. And wouldn’t it be nice to get involved in just such a project of the heart? To lend your name to this project? To do good? To use your voice to reach many?

Find a project that is close to your heart whose ambassador you would like to be.

We will cater to how this will look like exactly to match your needs, wishes and capacities. A project frequently sparks compassion and interest on its own. We will help you find exactly the project you feel comfortable with and that you can fully support.

Use your voice and become an ambassador: Contact us:

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