On 5 July 2018, the Oronos Foundation was founded by three members: Marianne Amsler, Eva Hemm and Stefan Sieberer.

Irrespective of their different lifestyles, personalities and countries of origin – Germany, Austria and Switzerland – they share a common vision: They want to save our beautiful planet and support the animals and plants, children and people living on it. A world in which humanity urgently needs help – because of unfairly distributed resources, changing circumstances and the great challenges posed by living together – also needs hearts that beat together and an awareness that translates visions into action.
As the saying goes: If we take a small step towards life, it meets us with many steps.

The universe is behind us.


The Board of Trustees works 100% on a voluntary basis - 100% of your donation goes directly to the social projects of the Oronos Foundation

NGO recognition of the Oronos Foundation and ECOSOC

status by the UN in New York!

In March 2023, Stefan Sieberer and Eva Hemm were in New York as part of the Board of Trustees of the Oronos Foundation. At that time, the UN Committee for NGOs was meeting in New York to recognize all applicants, including the Oronos Foundation.

We were present when the Oronos Foundation was called!Some issues were objected to and had to be changed!

In May 2023, the Oronos Foundation was recognized as an NGO and in July 2023 we were granted ECOSOC status.

The Oronos Foundation is the happy owner of the first Peace Centre in Peru!
In the middle of the Amazon jungle!
In March 2022, a trip to Yushintaita will take place to realise the planning and the further 
and further construction of the peace centre.