1. Initial situation and motivation

In times of distance learning, home schooling, home office, curfews and lockdowns, children (next to the elderly) suffer most under the missing social contact to family members and friends. A big part of the leisure time routine is restricted or not possible at all, what caused a big emotional and psychic instability to everyone. The fear of transmitting the disease and existential fears of parents also have negative effects on the kid’s health as well.

We wanted to make an event for the community (children and grown ups) that creates joy and gives meaning. That’s how the project balloons for peace and freedom came to life.

2. Project goal

With the project balloons for peace and freedom we want to connect people and make the power of a joined vision tangible. In spite of different attitudes and opinions, people are still united in a wish for a peaceful and happy future.

We want to make a visible sign for a peaceful, dignified life together. Kids and grown ups get the opportunity to get to know new people, socialize and make new friends.

When the balloons simultaneous fly out in different cities and countries, a feeling of interconnectedness and belonging across boarders, is created.

3. Implementation

Several times a year we held peace manifestations in cooperation with the associations Oronos, children beyond the world Austria and children beyond the world Germany in many places in Switzerland, Austria and Germany (and in the future also in other countries in Europe and worldwide).

Therefore we invite families and other interested people, to let fly colourful balloons and soap bubbles together.

We choose public, lively places, where a lot of people pass by.

Before the official start, everybody gets the chance to write down personal messages of peace, freedom and friendship that will get attached to a gas filled balloon.

The symbolic force grows through the simultaneous start of all participating places and the loud and energetic countdown before the balloons get send off.

The event gets advertised through flyers, regional newspaper articles, association’s websites, cities websites and social media.

For the balloons and bubbles, we ask for donations on site. Donations go back to the association and help organise projects.

4. Profitability report

In 2020 the first cross-country balloon events started in several cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Due to the pandemic the project paused in 2021.
Balloon events were held on seven different spots in Austria, ten cities in Germany and five cities in Switzerland.
There were between 30 and 50 children and grown ups participating each time.
On the 11th of September 2020 we even managed to start in 19 cities at the same time. The project was strengthened by additional teams in Ecuador and Spain.
The event was documented via livestream on all the spots and made into a beautiful presentation with the underlying peace song „99 Luftballons“ by Nena.

5. Outlook

More countries and cities will get invited to join the project in the future.
Therefore we seek cooperation’s with other non-profit organisations in Europe and other conti- nents.