1. Initial situation and motivation

The initial situation and motivation for the project „Be an angel – hope gives strength“ was the difficult financial situation of a lot of families in Germany. In consequence of the pandemic and political measures that made people unemployed or ill, many families couldn’t provide their children with enough healthy food.

Especially children suffer under the current situation. Changing rules, restrictions in social interaction and the danger of transmitting the disease cause fear and insecurity. With the parent’s existential fear and a lack of alimentation on top, the children’s psychological and physical health is seriously affected.

We want to give these families and children hope, faith and the assurance, that there are people who care and think about them.

2. Project goal

Our goal is to give away vouchers worth 100 Euros to families in need. The vouchers can be used in certain food stores.

Thus, families will get the chance to supply themselves with healthy food and fill up their fridges.

3. Implementation

In cooperation with public agencies, youth welfare services and social workers, we managed to get in contact with the affected families. Together with public agencies we worked out application sheets to give to potential parents, so they could apply for the vouchers.

We managed to collect vouchers from different cooperating food shops, which were then sent to the families that applied.

4. Profitability report

With donations from Germany, Austria and Switzerland worth 30.000 Euros, we could provide many vouchers that helped numerous families greatly in providing for their basic needs.

We got many letters from families, explaining their current situation and expressing their gratitude for having received a symbol of hope and an act of humanity in these difficult times.

The project „Be an angel – hope gives strength“ is already aktiv for one year.

The cooperation with the authorities, the family concealers and the food shops is very effective.

5. Outlook

We plan to keep the project going, to reach even more people. There are still many families in financial stress, that need support and a positive momentum.