Where? The Peace Centre in Peru is located right in the middle of the Amazon.

Why? The security of the jungle supports your recovery process and helps you to find the harmony within you. Healthy food, the natural environment in the immediate vicinity and a special treatment regimen with Peruvian medicinal plants make this place a very special healing centre. Free from distractions such as the Internet, mobile phones, televisions and computers, people in the Peruvian Peace Centre can recover and rediscover themselves. Attention: There is no electricity!

And what exactly? The Peace Centre in Peru offers drug-dependent adolescents the opportunity to free themselves from their addictions. The young people are supported by Don Agustin, Peru‘s highest ranking shaman, who guides them through healing plant ceremonies and supports them with his many years of experience and healing skills to find their way back to a healthy life. Shamans trained by Don Agustin lovingly accompany the recovery process.

Center organization:

We are glad that you are interested in the first Peace Center of the Oronos Foundation in Peru.
At the moment we are in the final stages of building the place and we are giving everything so that the Peace Center can be opened for guests, groups or different seminars from January 2023.
For questions of any kind about our place in the middle of the jungle, please contact Eva Hemm.
Eva Hemm is part of the foundation board and contact person for all topics concerning the Peace Center.
Write your concerns to:


Each of our peace centers, has its own special focus.
The place in the jungle of the Amazon, we see as an ideal place for drug addicted youth, to develop in this natural and protected environment, again the confidence and the potential, for a healthy and independent life.
Until all the official requirements and permits for this project are in place, we would like to open this place to interested people.
The Peace Center offers the perfect space for seminars of all kinds.
Due to the direct contact with nature and the simplicity of the equipment, every possibility for health and healing can be offered.

In addition, the project is embedded in the shamanic healing arts.
In the immediate vicinity is the camp of Cesar Agustin Rivas (Viejo), the son of Don Agustin, the highest-ranking shaman of Peru.
Adjacent to the Yushintaita Peace Center, Donna Marlene and Don Agustin have their camp where they live and pass on their infinite knowledge and healing art.

For us, the coexistence and respect of people, animals and plants is in the foreground. Since life can be from our point of view only in peace, if we renounce the consumption and the killing of animals, is cooked in our kitchen exclusively vegetarian or vegan.

For the protection of the place, two wonderful guardians live in Yushintaita, Julio and Jenny.
They are responsible for the maintenance of the camp, the upkeep of the houses and the catering of the guests and much more.


The Yushintaita Peace Center is characterized by its simple and versatile facilities.
Yushintaita currently consists of four houses, in different sizes, a temple, or large seminar room and a kitchen with open lounge in the heart of the center.
Another small room for seminars or meeting, with mosquito net, is available near the kitchen.
For physical hygiene, there are two showers, toilets and a bathing area.
In total, Yushintaita has the capacity to accommodate up to 40 people.


In the strategy of the Oronos Foundation, we have several points close to our hearts that we will implement and are already implementing in this brilliant place, surrounded by pure nature:
Preserving the diversity of native plants and fruits of Peru and planting them directly on the site and in the immediate vicinity.
To preserve the diversity of the animals living on site and to give them a shelter.
The research with the different healing effects of the plants, the use of plants for humans and animals is taught in the peace centers.
We also maintain a respectful and peaceful cooperation with the local people.
The peace center and all the people living in it are asked to be in mindfulness and peaceful and connecting communication, with all people.